Tsuken Sunakake no Kon

One of the famous kata with the paddle (uēku) is Tsuken Sunakake no Kon (oki.: Chikin Sunakachi nu Kun). As it is generally demonstrated using the uēku (paddle) it is also referred to as Chikin Sunakachi nu Uēku-dī (Tsuken’s skills of the oar and flipping sand).

Characteristic features are the butt-end floating defense (nagashi-uke, 0:23​) in the very beginning, followed by a reverse cut (gyaku-giri, 0:25​) while leaning the body to the left and followed by flipping sand (sunakake, 0:26​) and front strike (shōmen-uchi, 0:27​). In addition, jōdan nagashi-uke and gyaku-uchi are followed by drawing a circle with the tip of the uēku (mawashi-uke) and finishing with another gyaku-uchi (1:09​).

There are also many yoko-uchi while turning the body. It contains the technique of flipping sand into the face of the opponent, which is referred to as sunakake, and this is a technique of blinding the opponent known as metsubushi in Japanese.

One of the most important things in the techniques of the paddle are the hand changes and to strike as if cutting with the blade part of the paddle.

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