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Eku, Ieku, or Ueku?

The paddle is one of the weapons used in Okinawa Kobudō. It refers to a two-handed paddle used to propel a small boat. While used by fishermen since ancient times, it has also been used as a weapon on occasion. … Continue reading

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Tsuken Sunakake no Kon

One of the famous kata with the paddle (uēku) is Tsuken Sunakake no Kon (oki.: Chikin Sunakachi nu Kun). As it is generally demonstrated using the uēku (paddle) it is also referred to as Chikin Sunakachi nu Uēku-dī (Tsuken’s skills … Continue reading

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Guide to Shimbukan-approved Ueku by Dreametal Kobudo

Starting kobudō is easy; grab a broomstick and get going. Swing, twirl, strike, and poke. Then, after some time you want and deserve good quality equipment, but most weaponry cannot be easily produced. Therefore, you look for a supplier to … Continue reading

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