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Kinjō Ufuchiku, whose name is left behind in Sai

This short article is a translation of: Nakamura A.: Sai de mei nokosu Kinjō Ufuchiku. Tikubushi no keifu, Dai Nanakai. Kindai karate-shi o tadoru. Bugi no denshō keiro ②. Okinawa Times, June 21, 2020. Last time, after confirming the modern … Continue reading

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Torite (overview)

Torite is a classical martial art to capture an enemy with bare hands without killing him. Depending on the respective school, auxiliary weapons are used to make the arrest, such as the mitsu-dōgu (three pole weapons for catching criminals), the … Continue reading

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Yaka no Sai

As Nagamine Shōshin has pointed out, it is important to study the history of Ryūkyū to understand Okinawan martial arts. During Ryukyu kingdom times existed private tutors called “Yaka.” It was not an official government position and therefore there are … Continue reading

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