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Karate taught in Germany ~ 1931 – 1934

According to data published by Nakamura Akira of the Karate Section of the Okinawa Tourism Bureau, a certain HIRAYAMA Kazuo from Tokyo Imperial University taught karate in Germany 1931 – 1933. HIRAYAMA Kazuo (1908–1990) is listed at the “Deutsche Institut … Continue reading

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Jigen no Sai

I would like to let you guys know about Jesse’s latest project, the Kobudo tutorial website at​ Since I am a passionate Kobudo practitioner myself, I was thrilled when I learned from a friend that Jesse has started this … Continue reading

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Tsuken Sunakake no Kon

One of the famous kata with the paddle (uēku) is Tsuken Sunakake no Kon (oki.: Chikin Sunakachi nu Kun). As it is generally demonstrated using the uēku (paddle) it is also referred to as Chikin Sunakachi nu Uēku-dī (Tsuken’s skills … Continue reading

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Kyan Chōtoku book on public display at the Karate Kaikan for the first time

A panel exhibition sponsored by Okinawa Prefecture that introduces the history of Okinawa karate during the early Shōwa period (started 1926) began on April 8 in the lobby of the Okinawa Karate Kaikan Exhibition Room in Tomigusuku City. The kumite … Continue reading

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Itsuki – sitting duck

In the latest series of “Sensei: Masters of Okinawan Karate,” Oshiro Toshihiro Sensei talks about his journey, experience and development in karate and bojutsu. In one episode Oshiro Sensei remembers when he went for Shodan test at the age of … Continue reading

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