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The first private dojo in Okinawa?

Some time ago, I wrote about the development of the Okinawan dojo, which is at the core of modern Okinawa karate. Without dojo, there would be no Okinawa karate. Of course, this blog post is pretty limited, but it is … Continue reading

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Development of Okinawan Dojo

I have been digging into architecture and interior design of dojo in Okinawa and how they came about. The modern dojo is certainly a postwar invention but you can see it go back to the 1939 Butokuden, and even to … Continue reading

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Okinawa’s original dōjō

Previously I wrote about Okinawa’s earliest forms of community organization called Makyo. The article received only very few likes and seriously I don’t have any clue as to why this is so. Because the most important part of the article … Continue reading

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