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The Motobu Udun Tomb

In 2021, after several years of research and reconstruction, the Motobu Udun Tomb was designated a cultural property by Ginowan City. The tomb is of interest as a historical site, but it also has high value as a place related … Continue reading

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Shingitai – Mind | Technique | Body (1)

Abstract: This article provides an overview of the lexical meaning, subject areas and chronology of usage, as well as the terminological origin of the term shingitai. Research method: For bibliographic queries, I used the National Diet Library of Japan (one … Continue reading

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High-handed reasoning for one’s own convenience

Today I looked into the consept of Jū yoku gō o seisu, that is, “Skilled softness controls toughness.” It is a concept handed down from old Japanese jūjutsu. It is an expression that means that flexibility can win over firmness, … Continue reading

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Development of Okinawan Dojo

I have been digging into architecture and interior design of dojo in Okinawa and how they came about. The modern dojo is certainly a postwar invention but you can see it go back to the 1939 Butokuden, and even to … Continue reading

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The costumes of karate – dogi, pants, or khaki

On March 5, 1898, Imperial Decree No. 36 promulgated the Ordinance of the Okinawa Garrison Headquarter. The headquarter functioned solely as a conscription office and no soldiers were deployed on Okinawa itself. On April 12, five officials assumed office under … Continue reading

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