Jigen no Sai

I would like to let you guys know about Jesse’s latest project, the Kobudo tutorial website at www.kobudomastery.com​ Since I am a passionate Kobudo practitioner myself, I was thrilled when I learned from a friend that Jesse has started this project. Although I traveled quite a bit for study, there are still some kata I couldn’t get my hands on so far. For this reason, I was more than excited to find some of those “missing links” among Jesse’s kata tutorials. I don’t easily buy, but I was so intrigued that I immediately chose one of the katas I yearned for and was positively surprised about the presentation.

In the tutorial I chose, the performance of the kata is presented in front view at normal speed and in slow motion as well as in the side and back views. Now, in the days of talking karate heads everywhere, this might be considered unusual. Still, silence during practice is something I always enjoyed most during Karate and Kobudo: not much talking, but a clear and serious presentation of what is expected from you. With Jesse’s tutorial, I was able to acquire the techniques, combinations, and performance directions in just a few rounds. Right now, I have incorporated the kata into my regular practice routine.

The whole program is built didactically so you may start where you are right now. That is, for beginners, you might want to choose the starter package, for intermediate you just hop in right there, and even advanced Kobudo practitioners will find plenty of things to learn.

It was enormous fun and worked for me 100%. As a bonus, the prices are simply great, too! Least I forget: You can watch it as often as you like. There is no artificial secrecy and no recurring payments or regular compulsory participation in courses! That means you are free to study whenever and how often you like without having to marry Jesse! Finally, again, there are no talking karate heads, which makes it a pleasant learning experience.

Since there are also combative applications, you will be prepared substantially and can practice with a partner. If you have any questions, I am sure you will get adequate, on point feedback. I recommend Jesse’s new Kobudo tutorial website to anyone interested in the ancient martial arts of the Ryukyu Islands, or Okinawa, that is, bo, sai, tonfa, etc.

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