5th generation Funakoshi Uēkata Chōkō 富名腰親方朝興 (1662–1712)

Names and DOB

Childhood name: 思徳

Chinese-style name: Shō Ryōkan 向良翰

Born: 1662-02-01


Father: Chōsei 朝成

Mother: Matsuru 眞鶴 of the Mō-clan

Wife: Omoto 思戸, daughter of Tomisato Uēkata Chōjo 富里親方朝助 of the Princely Shō-clan. She was born 1668-09-11. Passed away 1732-03-30 at the age of 68, posthumous name Zenshitsu 全室

1st daughter: Matsuru 眞鶴. Born: 1687-11-09. Married Yogi Satonushi Pēchin Shusei 與儀里之子親雲上守正 of the A-clan. Passed away 1709-03-03 at the age of 23, posthumous name Tōgen/Momoninamoto 桃源

1st son: Chōryō 朝良

2nd daughter: Manabe 眞鍋. Born: 1697-05-24

3rd daughter: Makado 眞嘉戸. Born: 1698-09-20. Married Ufuyama Satonushi Chōchō 大山里之子親雲上朝張 of the Princely Shō-clan

4th daughter: Omobuta 思武太. Born: 1703-06-10. Passed away 1779-01-16 at the age of 77, posthumous name Keishitsu/Megumimuro 惠室

5th daughter: Omokame 思龜. Born: 1705-11-14. Married Onga Satonushi Pēchin Chōchō 恩河里之子親雲上朝長 of the Princely Shō-clan. Passed away 1784-07-13 at the age of 80, posthumous name Hōju/Takariki 寶樹


During the Era of King Shō Tei 尚貞王

1674-08-26: Becomes Waka(junior)-satonushi of the Royal Study

1678-08-07: He tied up his topknot (becoming of age)

1683-12-23: Promoted to the court rank of Yellow Hachimaki

1688-04-11: Following the demise of his father Chōsei 朝成 he succeeded as head of the family and assumed the post of the estate-stewart (jitō) of Funakoshi village in Tamagusuku district (magiri), with a fief income of 30 koku

1671 – entry in progress

1691-10-13: Appointed Atari

1691-11-09: Granted the Princely Shō-clan name as well as the first character Chō 朝 for the personal name (the first character of the personal name of his original family was Shin 眞)

1693-12-02: Promoted to the court rank of Zashiki (grade 4b)

1694-04-04: Appointed Magistrate of Temples and Shrines (Jisha-bugyō 寺社奉行)

1694-04-13: Becomes police inspector (yokome) for returning China-ships, stationed on Ie Island. On 06-05 he returned to the capital

1696-05-18: Again becomes police inspector (yokome) for returning China-ships, this time stationed on Iheya Island. On 06-25 he returned to the capital

1696-07-17: Appointed Ufuya of Makabe Ōji Chōtei 眞壁王子朝禎 of the Royal Shō-clan

1702-06-07: Becomes manager (nushidori 主取) of the Bureau of Sugar Production (Satōza 砂糖座)

1703-06-01: Appointed Administrator Royal Treasures (Omono-ufuya) of queen mother Kikoe Ōgimi Ganashi of the Shō-clan 章氏. He served on this duty for two years.

1704-11-29: Appointed condolence envoy for the death of Lieutenant General (chūshō 中將) Shimazu Tsunataka 綱貴公. 1705-4-17 they set sail from Naha, reached Yamagawa 山川 on 05-22. The following day they arrived in Kagoshima (麑府). After completion of official business they set sails at Kagoshima 麑府 on 10-13 and returned home on the 10-22.

1705-12-01: Promoted to Purple Hachimaki

1705-12-27: Appointed Magistrate of Calculation (Sanyō-bugyō 算用奉行) (served three years)

1707-10-09: In all four districts of Ōsato, Haebaru, Mawashi, and Tomigusuku the river edges collapsed. On royal order he was appointed Magistrate of River Dredging. In the following year, on 1708-02-15 the works began, but on 12-09 he contracted a disease and resigned. His colleagues at that time were Uegushiku Pēchin Seichin 宇江城親雲上盛陳 of the Mō-clan, Yara Pēchin Gieki 屋良親雲上宜易 of the Tan-clan 湛氏 and others

1709-04-22: Following order he became New-Years-Envoy (nentōshi 年頭使) but resigned 11-07 as he contracted a disease

During the Era of King Shō Eki 尚益王

1710-10-08: Appointed Ufuya of the Bureau of Land Assessments and Grants (Taka-bugyō 高奉行) and for the Kikoe Ōgimi Ganashi of the Shō-clan 章氏

1711-06-08: The king dispatched a messenger to award him various farewell gifts. The queen mother, the Kikoe Ōgimi Ganashi and the Nodake Anji Ganashi野嵩按司加那志 each dispatched a messenger to present him various farewell gifts. On 06-25 they set sails in Naha, but the ship was caught by a typhoon in the open sea and thrown here and there – Rest of entry in progress

1712-02-15: Passed away at the age of 51 years, posthumous name Dōrin 道林. Buried at the gravesite in Taira Village, Nishihara District

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