6th generation Kyan Uēkata Chōryō 喜屋武親方朝良 (1691–1749)

Names and DOB

Childhood name: Matsukane 松金

Chinese-style name: Shō Keiyū 向啓猷

Born: 1691-11-07


Father: Chōkō 朝興

Mother: Omoto 思戸 of the Princely Shō-clan

Wife: Maman 眞滿, daughter of Maeoku Taira 前奥平良 of the Ba-clan. She was born: 1691-01-09. Passed away 1740-02-29 at the age of 50, posthumous name Baigan 梅顔

1st son: Chōzō 朝三

2nd son: Chōko 朝恒

3rd son: Chōbi 朝美

2nd wife: Manabe 眞鍋, daughter of Hamagawa Satonushi Pēchin Anki 濱川里之子親雲上安寄 of the Mō-clan. She was born: 1703-12-17. Passed away 1756-02-12 at the age of 54, posthumous name Seishin 浄心


During the Era of King Shō Tei 尚貞王

1703-08-26: Becomes junior vassal (Ko-akukabe 小赤頭)

1703: 11-14: Becomes junior vassal (Ko-akukabe 小赤頭) of the Royal Study (Oshoin 御書院)

1706-08-15: Promoted to Waka(junior)-satonushi

1707-08-09: he tied up his topknot (becoming of age)

During the Era of King Shō Eki 尚益王

1711-10-20: Promoted to the court rank of Yellow Hachimaki

1712-03-16: Succeeded his father as head of family and designated estate steward (jitō) of Funakoshi village in Tamagusuku district (magiri), with a fief income of 20 koku

During the Era of King Shō Kei 尚敬王

1714-06-13: promoted to the court rank of Atari-zashiki (grade 5b) 當座敷

1716-12-09: appointed Supervisor of  Shrines and Temples (Jisha nushidori 寺社中取)

1720-08-13: promoted to the court rank of Zashiki (grade 4b) 座敷

1720-12-03: appointed Magistrate of Woodwork (Moku-bugyō 木奉行)

1722-12-01: On royal order became Resident Commissioner of Kume Island (Kumejima zaiban 久米嶋在番). In the following year, 1723-02-15, they set sails in Naha. After completion of official business thy returned home in the following year 1724-04-08

1725-07-08: appointed Magistrate of Forest Conservation and Management (Yama bugyō 山奉行)

1726-02-02: appointed Assistant Superintendent of the Board of General Affairs (mochiguchi-hō ginmi 申口方吟味)

1727-06-15 – entry in progress

1730-06-26 – entry in progress

1731-04 – entry in progress

1732-02-09: appointed  Superintedent of the Department of External Affairs (Osasu-no-soba 御鎖之側)



1734-02-07: promoted to Purple Hachimaki, appointed Magistrate of Treasury (Omono bugyō 御物奉行). The king, the queen mother, and the queen each sent various congratulatory gifts

1734-02-06 – entry in progress

1734-04-26: appointed Magistrate of Royal Study (Oshoin bugyō 御書院奉). The king, the queen mother, and the queen each sent various congratulatory gifts

1734-05-20: appointed Ufuya 大親 of Nakagusuku Udun 中城御殿 (he held two posts concurrently)

1737-08-22 – entry in progress

1737-10-13 – entry in progress

1739-09-03 – entry in progress

1740-12-19: Appointed Magistrate of Temples and Shrines (Jisha-bugyō 寺社奉行). His fief income was increased by 20 koku, making it a total of 60 koku). The king sent various congratulatory gifts

1741-02-26: Transferred to the post of estate steward-general (sō-jitō 惣地頭) of Kyan district (magiri). The king sent various congratulatory gifts

1741-03-01: transferred to the Bureau of Land Assessments and Grants (Taka-bugyō 高奉行)

1741-09-29: Appointed ombudsman (Sō-kumigashira 惣與頭). His colleagues at that time were Nago Anji Chōei 名護按司朝榮 of the Princely Shō-clan, Oroku Anji Chōrō 小禄按司朝郎 of the Princely Shō-clan, Kyan Anji Chōkan 喜室武按司朝寛 of the Princely Shō-clan, Nakijin Anji Chōchū 今歸仁按司朝忠 of the Princely Shō-clan, Gushikawa Anji Chōri 具志川按司朝利 of the Princely Shō-clan, Misato Anji Chōshō 美里按司朝昌 of the Princely Shō-clan, Nakijin Uēkata Chōken 今歸仁親方朝見 of the Princely Shō-clan, Urasoe Uēkata Chōī 浦添親方朝夷 of the Princely Shō-clan, Oroku Uēkata Chōkan 小禄親方朝寛 of the Princely Shō-clan, Komesu Uēkata Anyū 米須親方安邑 of the Mō-clan, Zakimi Uēkata Seishū 座喜味親方盛秀 of the Mō-clan)

1742-03-01: Became New-Year-Congratulatory-Envoy

1742-12-15 – entry in progress

1743-04-08 – entry in progress

1744-12-18: Appointed Magistrate of Accounts (Kanjō bugyō 勘定奉行).

1749-09-24: Passed away at the age of 59, posthumous name Itsusan 逸山. Buried at the gravesite in Taira Village, Nishihara District. On the day of the funeral the king and the queen mother and the queen each dispatched an envoy to offer as sacrifice gifts.

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