4th generation Funakoshi Uēkata Chōsei 富名腰親方朝成 (1622–1688)

Names and DOB

Childhood name: Makame 眞龜

Chinese-style name: Shō Kokushō 向克祥

Born: 1622-08-21


Father: Chōan 朝安

Mother: Makadotaru 眞加戸樽 of the A-clan

Wife: Matsuru 眞鶴, daughter of Tomigusuku Uēkata Seiryō 豊見城親方盛良 of the Mō-clan. She was born: 1630-10-26. Passed away 1698-11-18 at the age of 69, posthumous name Jigen 慈源

1st daughter: Maushi 眞牛. Born: 1654-01-25. Married Mabuni Uēkata Chōki 摩文仁親方朝熹 of the Princely Shō-clan, later divorced. Passed away 1732-01-13 at the age of 79, posthumous name Jusan 壽山

2nd daughter: Omoto 思戸. Born: 1655-10-14. Married Isa Chikudun Pēchin Hōgen 伊佐筑登之親雲上豊元 of the Shi-clan

3rd daughter: Matsuru 眞鶴. Born: 1659-01-19. Married Ōwan Pēchin Chōshō 大湾親雲上朝祥 of the Princely Shō-clan. Passed away 1717-05-15 at the age of 72, posthumous name Eirin 英林

1st son: Chōkō 朝與


During the Era of King Shō Hō 尚豊王

1634-03: becomes Waka(junior)-satonushi of the Royal Study

1639-05: he tied up his topknot (becoming of age)

1640-04-08: Promoted to the court rank of Yellow Hachimaki

During the Era of King Shō Ken 尚賢王

1642-11-13: Appointed  Atari

1643-09-10: Assumes post as estate steward (jitō) of Nakagusuku village in Gusukuma district (magiri)

During the Era of King Shō Shitsu 尚質王

1650-03-18: Appointed Magistrate of Metal Works (Kogane-bugyō 金奉行)

1653-05-27: Appointed Magistrate of Woodwork (Moku-bugyō 木奉行). Concurrently held the post of Magistrate of Retainers (Kerai-akukabe Bugyō)

1654-09: Promoted to court rank of Zashiki (grade 4b)

1658-12-13: Appointed to the Department of Palace Affairs (Sōshi-kōri 双紙庫理)

1659-03-01: Awarded fief with a salary of 30 koku

1661-11: Promoted to Purple Hachimaki

1665-05-28: Transferred to the post of estate steward (jitō) of Funakoshi village in Tamagusuku district (magiri)

1665-12-28: Appointed Magistrate of Calculation (Sanyō-bugyō 算用奉行 )

1667: Appointed Ufuya of the Eastern Palace (Higashi-no-Udun 東之御殿)

1667: Granted one tea caddy made from porcelain

During the Era of King Shō Tei 尚貞王

1669: Appointed Ufuya of the Kikoe Ōgimi Udun

1670-11-12: Together with Takamine Anji Chōki 高嶺按司朝喜 of the Princely Shō-clan he took position at the third death anniversary of King Shō Shitsu 尚質王 (1629–1668; rg 1648–1668), and appointed as Magistrates of Buddhist Memorial Service for the late king

1671-02-21: Awarded an increase of 30 koku in fief income. By this his total fief income reached 60 koku

1671-07: Assigned to the hundred years death anniversary for King Shō Gen 尚元王 (1528–1572; rg 1556–1572) and appointed Magistrate of the Royal Tea Villa (Uchaya-udun 御茶御殿奉行), together with Ie Anji Chōfu 伊江按司朝敷 of the Princely Shō-clan

1674: Appointed ombudsman (Ōkumigashira) of Mawashi-no-Hira (district of Shuri)

1676: Appointed ombudsman (Ōkumigashira) of Nishi-no-Hira (district of Shuri)

Because his nephew and 5th generation family head Chōsen 朝千 died young, Takushi Anji Maushikane 澤岻按司眞牛金 continued as the 5th generation head of family, although she was female. She was a grandchild from a daughter of the Ka-clan who married into the family of the originator and 1st generation Chōbu 朝武 . Following her demise, in 1676 by royal order Chōsei 朝成 was installed as successor of the family lineage, and placed backward as the 4th generation. In this way the lineage was reestablished as thus:

1st generation Chōbu 朝武 ► 2nd generation Chōshin 朝辰 ► 3rd generation Chōan 朝安 ► 4th generation Chōsei 朝成

1683-06: The two imperial envoys of Ming China (chief-envoy (seishi) Wang Ji 王楫 and vice-envoy (fukushi) Lin Linchang 林麟焻) honored Ryūkyū with their presence as distinguished guests. When all ceremonies of investiture of the new Ryūkyūan king were completed, he [Chōsei] received orders to serve as an emissary (shisha) to inform Satsuma. On 1683-09-21 the set sails at the Naha estuary, arrived at Unten harbor. However, due to unfavorable winds they could not set forth to Satsuma. For this reason they were ordered back to Naha harbor on 11-01. In the following year, on 1684-03-16 they sailed out again and reached Satsuma on 04-17. After completion of official business they returned to Ryūkyū on 10-01. At the time the government official was Soeishi Pēchin Seijun 添石親雲上正順 of the U-clan 胡氏 (This was the beginning of the ships called Kaisen 楷船)

Info: Kaisen 楷船: A ship of the Ryūkyū royal government sent to Satsuma on specific occasions. This kind of ship set sails in spring or summer. When sent in early spring it was called Harusaki Kaisen 春先楷船 and transported the New-Year-Envoy (nentōshi 年頭使) to Satsuma. The ship sailing in summer was called Natsuritsu Kaisen 夏立楷船. The Kaisen were originally used as tribute ships (shinkōsen 進貢船) to China. After about three of such China travels they were then used as Kaisen to Satsuma. To do so, the ships were overhauled, the military equipment removed etc.

1688-04-11: Resignation from official duty.

1688-04-24: Passed away at the age of 67, posthumus name Gigaku 義岳. Buried at the gravesite in Taira Village, Nishihara District.

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