5th generation Takushi Anji 澤岻按司 (1641–1675)

Names and DOB

Childhood name: Maushikane 眞牛金

Born: 1641-03-02.


Father: Chōyō 朝庸

Mother: Takushi Anji Ganashi Manabetaru 澤岻按司加那志眞鍋樽 of the Royal Shō-clan

She married Maegawa Uēkata Chōnen 前川親方朝年 of the Princely Shō-clan, but later divorced


During the Era of King Shō Shitsu 尚質王

1663-08-17: Bestowed the name of Takushi village in Urasoe district (magiri) (in name only).

1666-06-26: Because her brother Chōsen 朝千 (1647–1666) had no heir and already died at a relatively young age, she continued the family lineage, although being a female. Received a fief income of 80 koku.

Passed away 1675-10-09 at the age of 36, posthumous name Antaku 安宅

After her, the lineage was “restarted” and continued by 4th generation Funakoshi Uēkata Chōsei

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