5th generation Kanegusuku Anji Chōsen 兼城按司朝千 (1647–1666)

Names and DOB

Childhood name: Omojirōkane 思次良金

Chinese-style name: Shō Nenshi 向念嗣

Born: 1647-05


Father: Chōyō 朝庸

Mother: Takushi Anji Ganashi Manabetaru 澤岻按司加那志眞鍋樽 of the Royal Shō-clan


During the Era of King Shō Shitsu 尚質王

1654-09-15: After his father died he inherited the family line and became estate steward-general (sō-jitō) of Shimazoe-Ōsato 嶋添大里 district (magiri), with a fief income of 80 koku

1655-11-27: Simultaneously assumed the position of estate steward-general (sō-jitō) of Gusukuma district (magiri)

Passed away 1666-05-12 at the age of 20, posthumous name Ransō 蘭窓. Buried at the gravesite in Taira Village, Nishihara District.

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