Kickstarter Campaign — Okinawa Martial Art Dances – The Video Tutorial Archive

Exciting news: I have started a Kickstarter Campaign. It will run 30 days, so don’t hesitate.

I have been documenting martial arts dances for more than 25 years now. Some of the things I came across are published here on my blog, other in my published works, and I am involved in social media communication, such as in my Karate group with 7.5 k members, and growing. 

Now I am planning to create a video tutorial archive of the many martial arts dances with ancient tools I have studied for more than 25 years. I have trained in Japan for the first time in 1999 and have spent more than two years in total training in Okinawa. Learning these things is extremely time consuming and expensive, and most people do not have the ressources in time and finance to do so themselves. The finished content will be made available from my webshop (almost ready to launch).

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Since I’ve been recording and documenting everything in great detail for such a long time, and since I receive request for teaching from all over the world, and since I am a communicator by profession, it is a logical step to bring it all together in one amazing project. I have all the practical expertise as well as full documentation in writing. While I published amateur videos for fun on Facebook, TicToc, or my YouTube channel, I am also good with professional video software.  

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Therefore, my plan is to provide a video tutorial archive with everything I have learned and documented so far, with all the details and in a refreshing and fun way for every person interested to follow and replicate on their own pace, in their own place, at any time. 

My timeline starts with a design thinking session on the video format, intros, subtitles, colors and forms etc. The syllabus is ready, although I will have to look for a good studio-esque setting with good lights and audio and all that. Once all is decided upon, I will prepare, create, and fill in the content one after the other, from beginners to intermediate to expert level.  

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Right now my equipment is just a good Sony camera and I use Adobe CC with Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop etc., but I need a new tripod and there will be the need for new equipment, microphone, clothes, lightning, audio and a bunch of little things, but also a dedicated server. Therefore, I am looking for a 5-digit funding. 

I am 100% passionate about these martial arts dances and fully committed and excited to make this happen and to publish the tutorial archive of Okinawa martial arts dances with ancient tools. To achive this, I’d appreciate your support.

Sincerely, Andreas

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