Tokashiki Iken: Okinawa Karate Hiden Bubishi, 1995.

Tokashiki Iken: Okinawa Karate Hiden (Bubishi Shinshaku). Gendai Goshaku to Gihō no Kenkyū. Naha, Tokashiki Iken 1995. 264 pp.

20tokashiki’s book is a true collectors item: high quality manufactured, this book comes as a hardcover in a case. Out-of-print and hard to find, it contains the results of Tokashiki’s outstanding efforts and journeys of studying the Bubishi, the secret book of martial arts.

He included in it many practical applications not only of the 48 two-person fighting techniques, but also of Arhat boxing and Crane boxing, the two styles surmised to have build the technical basis for the Bubishi.

For serious students of these matters, i.e. the transmission of martial techniques from China to Okinawa, this is must-read.

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