Higa Yuchoku: Commemorating the First Anniversary of Taira Shinken’s Death, 1972

01article written by the late Higa Yuchoku and having been published in 1972 in Inoue Motokatsu’s “Ryukyu Kobudo”, Vol. I (p. 594-95). This is the original article. It had been altered in the 1983 edition, that’s why it is of special interest.

Transliteration and translation by me, checked by my colleague Mr. Akamine Katsuji.

For the first death anniversary of Taira Shinken

When my big brother, Taira Shinken Sensei, was still alive, during noncommittal chatters I often talked with him about the way that we all have to walk one day. We always reached the conclusion: “The most important thing is to live a long life, and this is the meaning of Bu (martial)”. It is now one year since he left this world, but the numerous good memories of our friendship still flood my heart after such a long time.

As in the saying “Once you left your friends, you recognize the value of friendship anew,” I now have the feeling that I can not say enough about him, him who was very honest and without guile, and righteous towards all human beings. Now I wistfully remember him in inexhaustible memories.

During his lifetime, he was always concerned about his students and the Shinkōkai. However, I believe there is no need to worry now, since all members of the association help and encourage each other, to establish a united organization under the leadership of the current president Akamine [Eisuke] and vice-president Kinjō .

And it will be my pleasure to aid the Shinkōkai with my modest skills in an advisory capacity in all future matters.

The author, Higa Yuchoku

The author, Higa Yuchoku

I want to tell you, distinguished members of the Kobudō Shinkōkai, that my big brother has devoted himself to the mastery of Kobudō. He was always busy with profoundly studying Kobudō, over which he forgot sleeping and eating, without ever making a sour face.

Every day he was extremely busy with teaching the students and all sorts of other things, highly motivated to develop the Kobudō Shinkōkai. Yet, not even once I heard him complain about the efforts. This is the image of my great elder brother that I carry in my heart, of a person who led a happy life and clung to his faith.

Today is the first anniversary of his death, and I want to urge all members to expand and develop the organization as much as possible.

Finally, I would like to present a poem (Kyoka) to mark the first anniversary of my older brother’s passing, to commemorate him.

1. After you left us,

Bô and Sai will uninterruptedly

be passed on to the students

and shine ever more.

2. In this complicated world,

Life does not always follow the way one wishes.

I hope you protect your students and lead them to bloom (success).


Higa Yūchoku

Advisor to the Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozon Shinkôkai

President of the Zen Okinawa Karate-dō Renmei

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