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20today I had my weekly German-Japanese language exchange course with Akamine san, a physicist. As he is also training in the Shinbukan Dôjô, instead of learning we talked about Budô and stuff and came about Mr. Kinjô Akio in my Karate Kobudo Book List.

Karate Denshin Roku, Vol. 1

Akamine san started smiling and said “He was my teacher when I was in 5 grade.” Now, Akamine san himself is 59 years of age, so Kinjô Sensei must be kind of 80 years old or older now.

Now Mr. Kinjô is a famous historian and made his own style of Karate by taking it back to one of it’s roots, i.e. to China, and further deepened his studies.

Karate Denshin Roku, Vol. 2

Anyway, Akamine san told me that every morning before school, he saw Kinjô Sensei on the hill above the school training Karate. Tsuki – ichi, ni, san etc.

As Akamine san admitted, at the time he and the others school kids thought that Mr. Kinjô really was a little bit a weird guy…

Tip: Kinjō Akio: Karate Denshin Roku. 2 volumes. 1999. Incl. DVD.

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