Sakugawa no Kon Dai

In Taira lineage kobudō exist a Shō and a Dai version of Sakugawa no Kon. These versions came via Chinen Sanra (Yamane-ryū)→Yabiku Mōden→Taira Shinken.

Taira’s student Inoue also maintains a Sakugawa no Kon Chū, which derived from an older version. The Shinbukan of Akamine Hiroshi has an extra-curricular version of Sakugawa no Kon that was handed down in the Kakazu area of Tomigusuku Madanbashi and is thus called Kakazu bōjutsu. It was handed down in the 1920s by Chinen Sanra, who taught the village Youth Corps.

Sakugawa no Kon as inherited in Yamane-ryū Bōjutsu has similarities as well as differences to the above versions. The video link shows the director of the Maeda dōjō. 

In the various village bōjutsu (mura-bō), too, a number of Sakugawa no Kon have been handed down. In Yaese-chō Tomoyose village there are three kinds called Sakugawa no Kon Ichidan, Nidan, and Sandan.

Among the technical characteristics of Sakugawa no Kon Dai is a backwards drop-jump (tobu-sagaru) and the following winding removal (maki-nage) performed with one knee on the ground.

The video below shows Sakugawa no Kon Dai of Taira lineage kobudō performed at the 1st Okinawa Karate World Tournament held in 2018 in Naha, Okinawa.

Sakugawa no Kon Dai as performed in 2018 at the finals of the 1st Okinawa Karate World Tournament held in Naha, Okinawa.

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