A 1976 booklet by the Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozon Shinkōkai

In 1976, the Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozon Shinkōkai published a memorial booklet. In it is found the organization and members of the association, a biography of Taira Shinken, the kobudo genealogy of the association, and list of kata handed down in the Taira Shinken lineage in Okinawa as well as the names of those who handed them down.

Among the kata are five that are said to have been handed down by Mabuni Kenwa:

  • Sueyoshi no Kun –> Mabuni Kenwa
  • Urasoe no Kun –> Mabuni Kenwa
  • Sesoko no Kun –> Mabuni Kenwa
  • Hama Higa no Sai –> Mabuni Kenwa
  • Hantagwa Kôura no Sai –> Mabuni Kenwa

Mabuni is also placed in the following “Genealogy of the Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozon Shinkōkai” from the same booklet. Together with the above kata list, there is no doubt that some kata were thought to have been handed down from Mabuni Kenwa. I would like to gather some expert opinion about this in the future because it seems questionable. Even if he knew some kobudo, here we have some specific kata and I have never heard of them being handed down in the Mabuni lineage.

There is also Chatan Yara in the genealogy. BTW, Chatan Yara no Sai is in the kata list, but Chatan Yara no Kon is not. Was that just a mistake? There is a list of the memorial demonstrations performed on that occasion. It has 58 performances, and only one of them is Chatan Yara no Kon. It was performed by Minowa Katsuhiko, who was a Shihan under Taira Shinken already in 1965. There are hints that this kata was handed down by Kamija Jinsei, but final proof is lacking. (The kata is described in full with photos already in Inoue’s 1974 book.)

Bo Sakugawa is mentioned, but was “Sakugawa no Kon” really created by Sakugawa (original name Teruya), or was it just another village theater stage dance?

Chinen Sanra is described as Chinen Chikudun Pechin Sanra, so the idea that he was a samurai and not a commoner might have come from this this 1976 booklet.

In any case, it is always good to use written sources. Why annoy people with questions when it is all already written somewhere?


Memorial for the 7th Death Anniversary of the former teacher, the late Taira Shinken. Large Martial Arts Demonstration Meet of Karate-dō and Kobudō. Biography of Taira Shinken. Organisaton: Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozon Shinkōkai. Sponsors: Zen Okinawa Karate Dō Renmei and Ryûkyû Shinpôsha. Day and time: 11. October 1976, 14.00 clock. Location: Naha City Hall.

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