2. Generation Ōshiro Shī Shinsō 大城子眞宗

Names and DOB

  • Childhood name: Shutarūgani 小樽兼
  • Chinese-style name: Ma Seikō 麻省功
  • Born: as firstborn son in 1411. Death date unknown.
  • Posthumous name: Isshin 一心


  • Father: Shinbu 眞武
  • Mother: a person from Kakinohana village in Tamagusuku district
  • Wife: a Person from Gima village in Mawashi district (life and death dates are unknown. Posthumous name: Shunkei 春桂)
  • Oldest son: Shinpuku 眞福
  • Oldest daughter: Umitu 思戸 (date of birth and death unknown; posthumous name: Tentoku 天徳. Married Hanagusuku Uēkata Sōgi 花城親方宗義 of the Go-clan 呉氏, whose daughter Umutugani 思乙金 married Urasoe Ōji Chōman 浦添王子朝朝滿 (1494–1540), son of King Shō Shin 尚真王 and 1st generation originator of the Oroku Udun)


At the time when Ōshiro Aji 大城按司 committed suicide, Shinsō 眞宗 was still very young and could not yet differentiate between East and West. His mother carried him along and they fled to her native place of Kakinohana village in Tamagusuku district. Afraid that the Yo-no-nushi (世之主, i.e. Shimasoe Ōsato Aji) would hear about this, she further fled to the distant Shimotabaru located in Gima village, Mawashi district 眞和志儀間村之下田原. There they lived in seclusion. Soon other people from Gima village began to migrate there and turned the place into a village which came to be called Kakinohana. This is the legend of this House, but there are no documents to prove this.

Additional Info


  • 沖縄の歴史情報 第5巻。画像と全文テキストデータベース (Ⅰ)。 (6)「琉球家譜」の情報化。①首里系家譜。麻姓家譜 (田名家).
  • Naha-shi Shi. Shiryō-hen, Dai Ni Maki, Chū no 7. Naha no Minzoku. 那覇市史。資料篇 第2巻,中の7。那覇の民俗。

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