1st generation Haneji Ōji Chōbu 羽地王子朝武 (?–1587)

Names and DOB

Childhood name and date of birth unknown

Chinese-style name: Shō Etsu 尚悦. He was the 10th son of King Shō Sei 尚清王 (1497–1555, rg 1527–1555)


Mother: Seishuku 誠淑, AKA Yonabaru Agunshidari 與那原阿呉母志良禮. Childhood name as well as date of birth and death are unknown

Wife: Keigan 桂岩, AKA Ōsato Amashunshidari 大里阿摩諸武志良禮. Date of birth and death are unknown

1st son: Chōsei 朝生

2nd wife: Amashunshidari 阿摩諸武志良禮. Childhood name as well as date of birth are unknown. She passed away 1626-11-08. Posthumous name Shōshitsu 松室

2nd son: Chōshin 朝辰. Because his older brother Chōsei 朝生 had no heir, he became the 2nd generation successor

1st daughter: Mochizuki Anji 望月按司. Childhood name as well as date of birth unknown. She married Ikegusuku Pēchin Ankan 池城親方安幹 of the Mō-clan. Passed away 1606-08-10. Posthumous name Gesshin 月岑


Order and content of his posts are unknown

He passed away 1587-07-18

Posthumous name Baisen 梅仙


He is the 1st generation of the Kyan Dunchi 喜屋武殿内 of the Princely Shō-clan


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