Shirotaru no Kon – Izumikawa Kantoku lineage – Last technique

Looking at the last technique of Shirotaru no Kon, there are various ways it is done, depending on the lineage. In the lineage of Izumikawa Kantoku to Kyan Shin’ei as well as to Iha Kotaro, the last technique is an upward move followed by a downward press with levered hands. A move very close to can be seen in a technique of Tendo-ryu naginata from a 1947 footage.

Now, you may find all sorts of comparable techniques, however, the reason why Tendo-ryu naginata is of interest is that it is among the handful of styles that are proven to have existed and been trained in Okinawa since the 17th century. If you want to know more about it, read our work “Okinawan Samurai” to get all the details once and for all.

I have cut the following short video to show you the technique in question.

Shirotaru no Kon – Izumikawa Kantoku lineage – Last technique

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