Kushaku-bō or 9-foot-staff of Taira Shinken

In the bōjutsu tradition of Taira Shinken, we find a rarely seen pole weapon: the Kushaku-bō or 9-foot-staff. I have laid out all primary sources known to me before, here and here.

To finalize the matter, and as another instance of proof that “personal tradition” is not always “exact personal tradition,” today I present a video of Taira performing the 9-foot-staff. Taira was a great inventor of kobudo in the tradition of the 1950s and 60s and rooted his creations by referencing them to Okinawan history, culture, and regional characteristics.

I would like to state clearly that none of Taira’s successors or their repesentatives were involved in or added anything to this 3 article series.

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