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The Kyūyō 球陽 is an important historical work about Ryūkyū, compiled by Tei Heitetsu, Sai Kōmo, Ryō Kō, Mō Shihō and others. The draft was started in 1743 and was completed in 1745.
Its records were continued by later historiographers from the Bureau of Genealogies (Keizu-za) until the year 1876. Unlike the official royal records like Chūzan Seikan or Rekidai Hōan, the Kyūyō relates to the history of the people, rather than to that of the ruling class.
The term Kyūyō is also a poetical name for Ryūkyū itself.

The craziest Okinawan story you’ve never heard of

The following is the legendary beginning of the annual event called Mūchī ムーチー (餅). The event takes place on December 8 of the lunar calendar, which usually falls into January of the Gregorian calendar. At that time, kids are given … Continue reading

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