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Yarazamori-gusuku was built in 1554 at the far end of Madama-michi, a military access road originating at Shuri Castle. Together with Miegusuku, the fortress was crucial in guarding Naha harbor against foreign invasion.

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4. Generation Gima Pēchin Shinmō 儀間親雲上眞孟

Names and DOB Childhood name: Shutarūgani 小樽兼 Chinese-style name: Ju Tatsuro 壽達魯 Born: as the firstborn son, 1494 Family Father: Shinpuku 眞福 Mother: Taira Ōamushirare 平良大阿母志良禮 Wife: a person from Izumisaki village 泉崎村 (died 1578-09-10. Posthumous name: Shūkei 秋桂) Oldest son: Shinmei 眞命 … Continue reading

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