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Rensa Sankakubō of the Takaki-ryū

At the age of sixteen Takaki Umanosuke (1656–1746) was awarded gokui (deepest level of the art) by Takagi Oriuemon, the founder of the jūjutsu-style Takaki-ryū Taijutsu. Later Umanosuke learned the jūjutsu-style of Takenouchi-ryū Koshi-no-mawari (i.e. Kogusoku =  armoured grappling). From … Continue reading

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Fujita Seiko (1899-1966)

This gallery contains 8 photos.

ne of the most intruiging persons in the more recent history of Japanese martial arts. After having immatriculated himself into Waseda and Meiji Universities, where he dropped out of, he worked for a Newspaper company. Afterwards he started his career … Continue reading

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