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Inoue Motokatsu (1918-1993)

Inoue Motokatsu was born 1918 in Tôkyô. He was the grandson of the elder Meiji statesman Inoue Kaoru and Inoue Keitarô. He studied a synthesis of Bujutsu under Fujita Seiko, the 14th generation headmaster of Kôga-ryû. After completion of Keiô … Continue reading

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Introduction The following has taken place: My teacher in Okinawa, a 10th Dan and representant of a world-famous school, scolded me. The reason: I used the terms oi-zuki and jun-zuki as I had learned elsewhere. In this particular school, however, … Continue reading

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Shirotaru no Kon (5) – Name, Lineages, Variants

Name The name of the kata is usually written in kana as 白樽の棍. In standard Japanese this is pronounced “Shirotaru no Kon.” In Okinawan dialect it is pronounced “Shiratarū nu Kun” シラタルーヌクン. Otherwise the name is also sometimes written in … Continue reading

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Okinawa Kobudo, Volume I and II

ecently Leif Hermansson, Hanshi, 10th Dan Karate and Kobudo, and me published a book on Okinawa Kobudo. Exceeding 850 pages, these two volumes are vast. The two works contain all basics and Kata from the 6th kyu to 1st dan. In … Continue reading

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