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Enbusen 演武線

The following is a short text I have translated from the Encyclopedia of Okinawa Karate and Kobudo. It was written by senior Uechi-ryū practitioner Tōbaru Keichō. It gives a quite good overview abut the topic of enbusen. With uke-waza (defenses), tsuki-waza (strikes), … Continue reading

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At the nucleus of the Kata of Karate there are Uke-waza (defenses), Tsuki-waza (strikes), and Keri-waza (kicks). However, Kata also inherently include Tsukame-waza (seizing), Nage-waza (throwing) and Kansetsu-waza (joint locking, grappling) etc. Every Kata has a so-called Enbusen, or demonstration … Continue reading

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