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Chibana Chosho

s noted previously, journalist Yokoyama Kendō wrote in 1914: “And it is also said that the district mayor of Shuri, the honorable old man Chibana Chosho, had been a strong exponent in this field (of Karate).” Cf. Yokoyama 1914. From the … Continue reading

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Beitrag von Andreas Quast.

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Tomigawa Uēkata Seikei, aka Mō Fūrai (1832-1890)

omigawa Seikei was a Ryūkyūan politician who became one of the last sanshikan (minister) of the royal government of the Ryūkyū Kingdom in 1875. With the abolition of the kingdom in 1879 he first acted as an adviser of the new prefectural … Continue reading

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