Shushi no Kon (old-style) 2 – A Video of the Kata

This is the video of Shushi no Kon (old-style) as I have described here.

I have learned this kata from various sources. First of all, I have learned it as “Koryū Shūshi no Kon” from Akamine Hiroshi Sensei of Shimbukan in 2010 and performed it on two official occasions. Moreover, I have have learned “Shūshi no Kon Koshiki” from the Taira-Inoue lineage by a student of a student of Taira Shinken. Next, I translated Miki Jinsaburō‘s 1930 description of Shūshi no Kun; he learned it from Ōshiro Chōjo, another major student of Chinen Sanrā. I also compared it with Taira Shinken’s 1938 description as found in the “Karate-dō Taikan” as well as Inoue Motokatsu’s 1974 description.

In this video here I was as true as possible to Miki Jinsaburō‘s description from 1930. There are various little differences between these, but nothing big. The only striking difference is that the Shimbukan version is lacking the techniques seen here from minute 0:40 to 0:43.

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