8. Generation Gima Pēchin Shinji 儀間親雲上眞時

Names and DOB

  • Childhood name: Shinshi眞市
  • Chinese-style name: Ma Sagen 麻作愿
  • Born: as the firstborn son, 1612 (?) -01-05


  • Father: Shinshi 眞之
  • Mother: Magami 眞龜 of the Kin-clan 金氏
  • Wife: Mamichi 眞滿, daughter of Kuniyoshi Pēchin Shinshun 國吉親雲上眞春 of the Sa-clan 査氏 (Died 1652-02-27. Posthumous name: Kogatsu 湖月)
  • Oldest daughter: Umigami 思龜 (born 1626-12-21, married Yonaha Pēchin Sōshin 我那覇親雲上宗信 of the Go-clan 呉氏, date of death unknown)
  • Oldest son: Shindai 眞代 (different genealogy)
  • Second son: Shinshū 眞周
  • Third son: Shinsei 眞成
  • Fourth son: 眞辰 (different genealogy)
  • Second daughter: Manabi 眞鍋 (born 1638-05-15, married Maezato Pēchin Chochoku 前里親雲上朝直 of the Princely Shō-clan 向氏. Died 1702-08-16. Posthumous name: Gesshin 月心)
  • Fifth son: Shinshū 眞秋
  • Second wife: Umitu 思戸, daughter of Gushikawa Chikudun Pēchin 具志川筑登之親雲上 from Kanera village, Tomigusuku district 豊見城間切金良村
  • Third daughter: Umitu 思戸 (born 1644-11-08, married Sakihama Pēchin Seiwa 崎濱親雲上盛和 of the Mō-clan 毛氏. Died 1695-10-25. Posthumous name: Baigan 梅巖)
  • Fourth daughter: Maguji 眞呉勢 (born 1650-01-23, married Uchima Pēchin Bushi 内間親雲上武之 of the Chi-clan智氏. Died 1723-08-17. Posthumous name: Bairin 梅林)
  • Sixth son: Shin’ō 眞往 (different genealogy)
  • Seventh son: Shinbun 眞文 (different genealogy)
  • Fifth daughter: Majiru 眞鶴 (born 1667-11-05, married Shigema Chikudun Pēchin Genmei 志慶間筑登之親雲上元命 of the Yō-clan 姚氏. Died 1690-08-04. Posthumous name: Jikaku 自覺)


During the Era of King Shō Hō 尚豊王

  • 1622-0918: Serves as an apprentice (Ko-akukabe 小赤頭)
  • 1626-09: He tied up his topknot (coming of age)
  • 1627-02-22: Serves as a squire (Hana-atari 花當)
  • 1634-08-08: Serves as an adjudant (Chikudun) of the Seiyaritomi 勢遣冨筑登之.
  • 1637–38: Sailed on a tribute ship to Fujian, and afterwards to Satsuma. 1637-09-29 they set sails in Naha, went to Fujian, and in the following year 1638-01-08 they arrived in Kagoshima and completed business. On 1638-02-05 they returned home to Okinawa. On 02-07 Gima Shinji was conferred to the court rank of Yellow Hachimaki (黄冠), i.e. the Pēchin rank.
  • 1639-08-06: Assuming head of family, he is appointed eatste steward (Jitō) of Gima in Mawashi district 眞和地間切儀間地頭

During the Era of King Shō Shitsu 尚質王

  • 1654-02-02: Appointed Magistrate of Sugar Production (Satō Bugyō 砂糖奉行)
  • 1659-12-27: Conferred to the court rank of Zashiki (rank 4 minor) 座敷
  • 1660: Toured the island for inspections as an inspector (代廻檢者), together with the Assistant Superintendent (Ginmiyaku 吟味役) of the Omono Bugyō 御物奉行, Miyagi Pēchin Kensen 宮城親雲上賢宣 of the Ka-clan 夏氏, and the Liaison Police Inspector (Yamato Yokome 大和横目) Kobashigawa Pēchin Yūsei 小橋川親雲上由政 of the Sai-clan 蔡氏. They procceeded to the islands of Ie, Iheya, Kume, Kerama, Aguni, and Tonaki. After completion of official business, they returned to the capital [Shuri].
  • 1671-01-05: Died at the age of 63. Posthumous name: Jōseki 常寂

Additional Info

In the entry for 1634-08-08 we can see one very important thing: He served as an adjudant (Chikudun) of the Seiyaritomi 勢遣冨筑登之. In other words: The HIKI organization of old Ryukyu — which included the military — has not been abolished after the Satsuma invasion of 1609. How the whole organization was transformed to fit the new circumstances is described in detail in my Karate 1.0.



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  • Others

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