7. Generation Gima Satonushi Pēchin Shinshi 儀間里之子親雲上眞之

Names and DOB

  • Childhood name: Masanrā 眞三良
  • Chinese-style name: Ma Kyōyo 麻擧要
  • Born: as the firstborn son, 1585


  • Father: Shinjō 眞常
  • Mother: Manabi 眞鍋 of the Mō-clan 毛氏
  • Wife: Magami 眞龜, daughter of Tomoyose Pēchin (Kin Shireki) 友寄親雲上 (金仕歴)(she died 1662-02-18. Posthumous name: Kyūsan 久山)
  • Oldest daughter: Manabi 眞鍋 (born 1604. Married Nagamine Chikudun Kōkō 長峯筑登之孝效 of the Ki-clan 冀氏. Died 1677-08-18. Posthumous name: Tessen 哲仙)
  • Second daughter: Makatu 眞加戸 (born 1607. Married Tōmei Chikudun Pēchin Sō’en 當銘筑登之親雲上宗演 of the Sō-clan 莊氏. Died 1669-12-29. Posthumous name: Bairin 梅林)
  • Oldest son: Shinji 眞時
  • Second son: Shinshō 眞韶 (different genealogy) [here the Ishimine House branches off 麻姓 (石嶺家)]
  • Third daughter: Umitu 思戸 (born 1615-12-25. Married Nakijin Satonushi Pēchin Seiko 今歸仁里之子親雲上盛古 of the Mō-clan 毛氏. Died 1667-08-20. Posthumous name: Haku’an 栢庵)
  • Third son: Shinsei 眞清 (different genealogy) [here the Tawada House branches off 麻姓 (多和田)]


During the Era of King Shō Nei 尚寧王

  • 1598-03-15: Serves as an apprentice (Ko-akukabe 小赤頭)
  • 1600-02: He tied up his topknot (coming of age)
  • 1600-05-09: Serves as a squire (Hana-atari 花當)
  • 1605-02-09: Conferred to the court rank of Waka-satonushi (若里之子)
  • 1612-06-05: Conferred to the court rank of Yellow Hachimaki (黄冠), i.e. the rank of Satonushi Pēchin

During the Era of King Shō Hō 尚豊王

  • 1628-04-28: Appointed “Magistrate for Managing the Annual Tribute to Satsuma”  (Shinobose Bugyō 仕上世奉行).
  • 1631-12-25: Inherits the fief of his father, worth 30 Koku
  • 1633-06-09: Died at the age of 50 and before his own father. Posthumous name: Kaioku 槐屋

Additional Info

His 2nd and 3rd sons established the first branch houses (支流) of the Ma-clan: The 2nd son established the Ishimine House, the 3rd son established the Tawada House.

These lineages are interesting because both Ishimine and Tawada are names connected to old-style Karate and Kobudō of the latter half of the 19th century.


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  • Others

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