11th generation Chōfu 朝扶 (1839 – 1910)

Names and DOB

Childhood name: Makamado 真蒲戸

Chinese-style name: Shō Ishin 向維新

Born: 1839-07-16. Passed away at the age of 72.


Father: Motonaga Chōyō (Shō Chōshun, 1813 –?) 朝庸 (向超俊)

Wife: Kamato カマト, oldest daughter of the Nago-udun 名護御殿. Born ca. 1843, passed away 1860-10-17, at the age of 18.

Wife: Matsuru 真鶴 of the Katsuren-dunchi of the Mō-clan 毛氏勝連殿内. Born ca. 1848 or 1851, passed away 1911-12-22, at the age of 63 (or 60).

  • 1st daughter: Manabe 真鍋
  • 1st son: Chōho 朝輔
  • 2nd son: Chōhitsu 朝弼
  • 3rd son: Chōtoku 朝徳
  • 4th son: Chōhyō 朝表
  • 5th son: Chōkō 朝功
  • 6th son: Chōai 朝愛
  • 2nd daughter: Mamatsu 真松 (passed away at very young age)
  • 3rd daughter: Umitu 思戸
  • 4th daughter: Umeko 梅子
  • 5th daughter: Tsuruko ツル子
  • 6th daughter: Shizue 静枝


Chōfu was born the 1st son of Motonaga Chōyō as the 8th generation of the Motonaga House. However, as his uncle Motonaga Chōchō 朝張, who himself had earlier been adopted into the Kyan-dunchi, had no heir, Chōfu was also adopted into the Kyan family on 1857-03-01. He then changed his name from Motonaga to Kyan Chōfu.

Kyan Chofu

Kyan Chofu

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