9th generation Chōshō 朝章 (1802–1826)

Names and DOB

Childhood name: Tarukane 樽金

Chinese-style name: Shō Bōkō 向懋行

Born: 1802-08-14


Father: Chōchō 朝昶

Mother: rankless (mukei) Kana 加那

Wife: Matsuru 眞鶴, daughter of Oroku Uēkata Ryōyō 小禄親方良應 of the Ba-clan. Born 1801-09-23. Passed away 1819-06-10 at the age of 19, posthumous name Gyokugan 玉顔

1st daughter: Omokana 思加那. Born: 1819-05-06. Married Kakinohana Satonushi Pēchin Chōsū 垣花里之子親雲上朝崇 of the Princely Shō-clan

2nd wife: Omoto 思戸, daughter of Kamegawa Pēchin Seirin 龜川親雲上盛倫 of the Mō-clan. She was born 1807-06-16. Later divorced)

2nd daughter: Matsuru 眞鶴. Born 1824-08-18. Passed away 1826-01-13 at the young age of 3


During the Era of King Shō Kō 尚灝王

1812-02-12 : Becomes junior vassal (Ko-akukabe 小赤頭) of the Office of Inner Palace Affairs (Shitakuri 下庫理). Served two years.

1816-02-05: he tied up his topknot (becoming of age)

1826-01-20: Passed away at the age of 25 years. Posthumous name Shinshin 眞心. Buried at the gravesite in Taira Village, Nishihara District.

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