7th generation Funakoshi Satonushi Chōkō 冨名腰里之子朝恒 (1715–1737)

Names and DOB

Childhood name:  Makamado 眞蒲戸

Chinese-style name: Shō Kokuda 向國達

Born: 1715-06-16


Father: Chōryō 朝良

Mother: Maman 眞滿 of the Ba-clan


During the Era of King Shō Kei 尚敬王

1728-01-11: He tied up his topknot (becoming of age)

1731-12-07: Becomes page (Hana-atari 花當) at the Council of State (Hyōjōsho 御評定所 )

1732-12-14: Becomes Satonushi 里之子 at the Council of State (Hyōjōsho 御評定所 )

1737-02-13: Passed away at the age of 23, posthumous name Jinyō 仁養. Buried at the gravesite in Taira Village, Nishihara District

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