7th generation Funakoshi Satonushi Pēchin Chōzō 冨名腰里之子親雲上朝三 (1712–1737)

Names and DOB

Childhood name: 思次長

Chinese-style name: Shō Kokkyoku 向國極行一

Born: 1712-02-15


Father: Chōryō 朝良

Mother: Maman 眞滿 of the Ba-clan

Wife: Maushi 眞牛, daughter of Katsuren Uēkata Seiyū 勝連親方盛友 of the Mō-clan. Born: 1712-04-01. 1789-12-22 at the age of 66, posthumous name Junrin 順倫

1st son: Chōbō 朝房. Childhood name: Omokame 思龜. Chinese-style name: 向重華. Born: 1734-03-13. Passed away 1738-01-16 at the young age of 5

1st daughter: 眞松. Born: 1737-05-18. Married Kanagusuku Pēchin Chōki 金城親雲上朝倚 of the Princely Shō-clan


During the Era of King Shō Kei 尚敬王

1726-02-08: Becomes junior vassal (Ko-akukabe 小赤頭) of the Office of Inner Palace Affairs (Shitakuri 下庫理)

1727-08-16: He tied up his topknot (becoming of age)

1729-06-15: promoted to Waka(junior)-satonushi

1734-06-15: Promoted to the court rank of Yellow Hachimaki

1737-06-20: passed away at the age of 26, posthumous name Junshin 淳心. Buried at the gravesite in Taira Village, Nishihara District

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