Sakagami Ryusho: Karate-do Kata Taikan. 1978

19sakagami Ryusho (1915-1993) was a Japanese Budoka and Karatea. His real name was Sakagami Hirokazu. As Mabuni Kenwa’s leading disciple, he inherited the Itosu-ha as the legitimate 3rd succcessor.
In his youth, Sakagami started learning Kendo at 8 years of age, and after that never stopped to study different Japanese Budo. He was one of the most outstanding personalities in this sphere and don’t let me even start to count his achievements.
This book deals with the Karate Kata of his system, which combines Kata of Shuri-te as well as Naha-te lineages. It also includes many Bunkai (application).

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