Small work using a dragon painted by Tan’yū (1602–1674) of the Kanō school of painting. The figurative expression means “to see through to the nub”.

Among Naha Shizoku, the study of painting, waka, and calligraphy, as well as martial arts, were highly regarded since the 17th century.

Collections of paintings by famous artists as well as weaponry and scrolls of teachings (densho) were considered family treasures and handed down within the families.

Other than often portrayed, the Naha Shizoku living and serving the kingdom in official duty at its harbor city, in responsible duties during tribute sails to China, as well as at the Satsuma government embassy in Naha, where they came in close touch with formidable Satsumese martial arts, were highly educated both in Chinese as well as in Japanese arts.


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