Two helpful apps when you visit Kyushu

Two helpful apps when you visit Kyushu

Mount Unzen, Kyushu.

Mount Unzen, Kyushu.

Japan is a haven for shoppers who are looking for the best deals for a multitude of different things. The country is well known for its cheap electronic stores in Akihabara as well as its high-end fashion district in Shibuya. Despite being a small country, however, Japan can be quite confusing with a lot of alleyways and stores situated in various nooks and crannys. If you’re traveling to Kyushu for the first time, here are two apps that you may find useful.

Kyushu Tax Free Shopping Guide

The Kyushu Tax Free Shopping Guide is the first ever app dedicated to covering shops in Japan where tourists can enjoy tax-free shopping. It provides specific information for different regions so you can easily find what you’re looking for, from local specialties to International boutiques. The app covers everything from exclusive deals to sale prices.

Apart from English, The app is available in four other languages, and it’s also available for various prefectures including .

GPS Navigation Kyushu, Japan

If you’re lost and confused as to where you’re currently situated, you can always rely on the GPS Navigation Kyushu, Japan app to find your way. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to have Internet connection to use it as it saves all map data in the phone’s memory card.

The app is built with a car navigation system too, which will display your current position on a map from GPS sensor data. It also has a bicycle mode in case you’re touring the country on a bike. If you want, you can set the app on speaker mode so you can listen to the directions instead of reading them.

A word of advice, though, when using this app. Keep an eye on your battery since it uses the GPS function, which drains a lot of juice. Kim Shadbolt, a writer for online gaming host Pocket Fruity, suggests that smartphone users should always check if apps are running in the background, if so, they should be switched off to reserve battery power. Additionally, users should always rely on WiFi instead of data if they can, to preserve the smartphone’s battery.

Have fun on your visit in Kyushu!

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