A technique from Fabian von Auerswald, 1539

AD 1539, eighty-five grapplings and escapes as taught by Fabian von Auerswald were published. Auerswald was the grappling instructor at the court of Elector John Frederick of Saxony. Here’s the explanation of one of the techniques.

“If he 1) seizes you with his left hand at your right upper arm, or graps or pushes you at the chest, then lock his left hand by 2) placing your right hand over his wrist and 3) join your hands. Violently pull down and backwards and when he bends forward headbutt him right into the cheekbone.”

Familiar from Jujutsu, Qinna, Karate, or Tuiti? Of course. But the point is not this technique, the point is the counter AGAINST IT. In the end you need to defend against martial artists, not amateurs.

Fabian von Auerswald, 1539

Fabian von Auerswald, 1539

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