A request, and an offer

20today I got a request for some rare Karate books, all of which are books written by experts for experts; and they are written in Japanese.

Here they are:

  • Fujiwara Ryozo: Kakutogi no Rekishi. Bêsubôru Magajin-sha, Tokyo 1990.
  • Gima Shinkin and Fujiwara Ryozo: Kindai Karatedo no Rekishi wo Kataru: Taidan. Bêsubôru Magajin-sha, Tokyo 1986.
  • Iwai Tsukuo: Koden Ryukyu Todejutsu. Airyûdô, Tokyo 1992.
  • Miyagi Tokumasa: Karate no Rekishi. Hirugi-sha, Naha 1987.
  • Sakagami Ryusho: Karate-do Kata Taikan. Nichibô Shuppansha, Tokyo 1978.

Checking availability I found that Fujiawara’s book comprises of 766 pages, Gima’s and Fujiwara’s book of 411 pages, that Iwai’s work is quite expensive compared to him being not very well known in the West, that only one edition of the book by Miyagi Tokumasa is available anywhere right now, and that Sakagami’s Kata book is approaching the more expensive category of classics.

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