Another positive recension for my Karate 1.0

Thanks to Russ Ebert I received another positive recension for my Karate 1.0. This is especially valuable Feedback for me, as it comes from the “Koryu Bujutsu” circle, which is usually quite strict and doesn’t hesitate to openly point out any claims or straightforward BS.

Russ Ebert

28. Oktober 2014

Karate 1.0 or Karate no Genryu.

I have to say I am impressed. This is a work of love.

Some books you see and you say “Yeah sure…complete history..” well, this is no joke.

Karate 1.0: Parameter of an Ancient Martial Art.

This is the book on the history and tradition of Karate right here.

There is no BS do-it-yourself photos, just pure inundated research and history. In some places it seems to go a little too far back, but that is okay because it comes around in the text. You have to push on.

I give this book a THUMBS UP for anyone studying Koryu Bujutsu history. Simply outstanding.

Well done Andreas Quast

You weren’t kidding. I am halfway through and I am totally enthralled. NOT FOR THE HISTORY READING UNABLED.

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