Mutsu Mizuho: KARATE KENPO ZEN (The Complete Karate Kenpo)

Mutsu Mizuho: Tōde Kenpō Zen [The Complete Karate Kenpō]. Yōju Shorin, Ginowan 1999. 493 pp. 27cm. Limited Edition (800 only)!

20this is a reprint of the 1933 original edition published by the Tōkyō University Karate Kenkyūkai. Mutsu Mizuho already in 1929 traveled to Okinawa together with Miki Nisaburo, but had to return to Tokyo on route. This didn’t stop him from publishing his own extensive work. On 493 pages this book contains a large number of Kumite techniques, an explanation by Kinjō Hiroshi, anatomical charts, as well as a supplement of resuscitation, and besides detailed descriptions of the following Kata:

Pinan (Heian) I-IV, Naihanchi I-III, Passai Dai, Kūsankū Dai, Jitte, Seishan, Wanshū,
Jion, Chintō, Passai Shō, Kūsankū Shō, Niseishi, Gojūshiho.

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