This is a short Soeishi-inspired combo.

In mainland Taira lineage, there are two kinds of Soeishi no Kon, namely a Sho and a Dai version. Maybe Taira used different techniques at different times, so students decided they had to create two versions?

In Okinawan Taira lineage, there is only one Soeishi no Kon.

In addition, there is another Okinawan Taira-lineage version handed down to Shimabukuro Tatsuo of Isshin-ryu.

Then, there are several other versions by the same name, but with different techniques.

Soeishi-ryu bojutsu was a royal bojutsu handed down only to the king and the firstborn son of the Soeishi House. Therefore, it is famous name in Okinawan martial art. The way I understand it is that Soeishi-ryu bojutsu itself was lost around the 1940s and 50s. However, it seems that some researchers have seen the techniques, or even studied it a little.

It can therefore be assumed that Soeishi-ryu bojutsu in some way has inspired the technique of Okinawan postwar bojutsu. In what way exactly and by whom is almost completely unknown though.

Over the recent years, Naoki Motobu Sensei of the Motobu-ryu has published a number of articles on the school’s blog that include various information about Soeishi, so you might want to search the blog.

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