Kunjan Sabakuyi 2

Here is another example of the “Kunjan Sabakuyi” performing art. Watch until the end to see a posture reminiscent of “Kusanku” of karate, or “Sakugawa no Kon” and several other kata of bojutsu. Just to be clear: I am not saying there is a historical connection, however, since Funakoshi Gichin in 1914 said that “rural dances are not-yet developed karate,” it could be interpreted to mean that “karate are rural dances developed into a martial art.” Certainly not solely, and there were other influences, but it cannot be ruled out that what became early karate around 1900 was partly transformed from ancient performing arts.

Such modern performances cannot be taken as proof, because they in turn might have been influenced by modern karate. At the same time, modern karate also cannot be taken as a historical proof, since much of it is a modern creation since around 1900, and there was another wave of innovations since the 1950s with countless new inventions.

In short, modern karate does not necessarily reflect its assumed predecessors.

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