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Nakaima Kenkō on ‘dō’ and ‘jutsu’

In the Japanese martial arts there is a rough categorization into martial technique (jutsu) and martial sport (dō). The difference, in a nutshell, is that the dō-variants like kendō, judō, karatedō etc. serve an educational ideal. This might be seen … Continue reading

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Sakugawa no Kon Shō (Bojutsu Kata Series)

Pronounced Sakuga’a nu Kun Sū/Shī in Okinawan dialect. Sakugawa no Kon is said to have been devised and handed down by Sakugawa “Tōdī” Kanga. There re many stories about the person Kanga, that he went to China for study, later became … Continue reading

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Ufugusuku nu Kun 大城の棍 (Bojutsu Kata Series)

Ufugusuku nu Kun is a kata devised by Ōshiro Chōjo (1887-1935) in order to teach budō at the Okinawa Prefectural Teachers‘ College (Okinawa-ken Shihan Gakkō) and the Industrial School (Kōgyō-gakkō). In the prewar years, Chōjo together with Yabiku Mōden was considered the … Continue reading

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