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Nakaima Kenkō on ‘dō’ and ‘jutsu’

In the Japanese martial arts there is a rough categorization into martial technique (jutsu) and martial sport (dō). The difference, in a nutshell, is that the dō-variants like kendō, judō, karatedō etc. serve an educational ideal. This might be seen … Continue reading

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Sakugawa no Kon Shō (Bojutsu Kata Series)

Pronounced Sakuga’a nu Kun Sū/Shī in Okinawan dialect. Sakugawa no Kon is said to have been devised and handed down by Sakugawa “Tōdī” Kanga. Kanga went to China for study and later became a teacher at the “National Academy” (kokugaku) of … Continue reading

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Ufugusuku nu Kun 大城の棍 (Bojutsu Kata Series)

Ufugusuku nu Kun is a kata devised by Ōshiro Chōjo (1887-1935) in order to teach budō at the Okinawa Prefectural Teachers‘ College (Okinawa-ken Shihan Gakkō) and the Industrial School (Kōgyō-gakkō). In the prewar years, Chōjo together with Yabiku Mōden was considered the … Continue reading

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