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Quicky on Shiko

In Karate there is a stance called Shiko-dachi 四股立ち. Shiko-dachi is a modern Japanese term from the sphere of “developing a standardized Karate terminology”, i.e. earliest from about the latter part of the 1st  half of the 20th century, more likely from about … Continue reading

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Okinawa’s original dōjō

Previously I wrote about Okinawa’s earliest forms of community organization called Makyo. The article received only very few likes and seriously I don’t have any clue as to why this is so. Because the most important part of the article … Continue reading

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NEUERSCHEINUNG: Studien zur Kampfkunst in Japan. Band 1.

Bunbu Forschungskreis: Studien zur Kampfkunst in Japan. Band 1. Augsburg/Tōkyō 2017. Im umfangreichen Schrifttum zur Theorie, Philosophie und Ethik der vormodernen Kampfkünste Japans ist der Ausdruck bunbu-ryodo, verstanden im Sinne „einer gemeinsamen kulturellen, moralischen und kämpferischen Schulung“, häufig anzutreffen. In … Continue reading

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